Tell a Fairy Tale (to yourself)

Shannon Wilkinson's such a secret princess she needs a sign (and a tiara)Look back over the last day or two. How many stories have you told yourself?

You’ve probably told yourself stories about why things are the way they are, why you can or can’t do something, why you or more likely someone else has responded in a particular way.

We fill our lives with story.

These stories are important, give meaning to the billions of bits of information that come into our lives, they help us understand things, help us stay safe and secure. They also perpetuate myths, create friction where none really exists, limit what we believe to be possible.

In the last couple of days, have you found yourself saying, “I can’t do that because...” or perhaps “He must mean this when he does that…” maybe even “If this happens, it means…

How creative are you with your stories?

Creative story telling can be supportive and help you reach for those dreams that otherwise are overwhelming. But, if you find that a story or two that you tell (whether to someone else, or just yourself) isn’t supportive, limits your dreams or just plain ol’ feels bad, I want you to play with something.

Tomorrow, February 26th, is Tell a Fairy Tale Day.

What happens when you bring some of the elements of fairy tale to your story?

  • Add a sprinkling of magic
  • Make yourself (secret) royalty
  • Give yourself a secret benefactor or fairy godmother
  • Let it have a happy ending

How do things change when you turn your story into a fairy tale? What elements are easy for you to shift, and which are more difficult?

Share how you’re playing with this here in the comments or on the Facebook page.

Photo: Sometimes you’re such a secret fairy tale princess (despite the tiara) you need a sign as a reminder.


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