Presence Under Pressure (an Explore & Play Class)

Presence is that feeling of being centered, in the here-and-now moment. It brings a sense of ease and contentment. Yet it can be difficult to achieve when things get rough, ironically, when you could use it the most!

This past month has given me ample opportunity to practice and cultivate presence. Between running a marathon, fainting and getting a concussion, and spending the last month in recovery mode, I’ve had very little choice but to be in the hear-and-now moment. Or, rather, I’ve had the opportunity to experience, in a very visceral way, the difference between being present, and not. And perhaps, more importantly, to bring myself back to presence (over and over).

During the Explore & Play Class and Coaching Hour on Tuesday, August 13th, I’ll be teaching you how to cultivate presence under pressure, and bring more ease into your life when you’re feeling pulled in a million different directions. I’ll also be answering your questions (about anything!) and coaching people live on the call.

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