Nose + Mind = Magic (time sensitive!)

Do you know my friend Heidi? According to her twitter profile, she’s a: Massage therapist – Scent artist – Mood detective – Potion mixer – Writer-down of things. Yep, that’s her. Amazing.

A while back we teamed up to create something really special, a kind of audio and potion alchemy if you will. There was a contest and voting and winners. The end result, three hypnosis-infused meditation audios to go with the winning potions.

Why am I bringing this up?


The thing is, Heidi wants to spend more time writing, so she’s taking a sabbatical from the potions. The shop is closing this week and won’t reopen until October.

Time is short

There’s a certain special zing you get from listening to these hypnosis-meditations while experiencing the amazing combinations of Heidi’s potions. The message gets into your deepest corners, on multiple levels. I want you to be able to experience it.

There are three separate combinations, or you can get all of them for a special bundle price. (Click on the name for more information and to order):

Night Queen
to develop your confident passion

Losing It
to calm the heck down in moments of overwhelm and fear

to help you live what’s true for you, without worrying about the world’s approval

The Aardvark Essentials sabbatical starts on Thursday, so please, place your order by Wednesday, June 6. I want you to get the magics while you can.

Make sure you look around her shop while you’re there. She has some amazing potions, and in addition to the creams, there are these fabulous pulse point potions, they sort of seem like a perfume, but the scent combinations are just magical and help you shift your mood, and they’re well, let’s just say I have them with me pretty much all the time.

I hate to get all as seen on TV infomercial on you, but really, go, before it’s too late!

Photo Credit: Aardvark Essentials


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