Starting the Checklists

If Mr. Gawande didn’t convince me about the power of checklists, Darcy sure did with her comment.

I started my checklist mania today, in preparation for a working retreat at the beach. I decided to use Wunderlist because it syncs between my computer, iPhone and the web. Plus I can print out any of my lists if I want.

Making it easy and useful

At first I just started making a list for this trip. And then I realized that I could really get in the spirit of the perpetually useful checklist, and decided to make separate lists for each aspect of my trip.

I now have separate checklists for:

  • work/computer related needs (remember the chargers!)
  • cycling
  • running
  • toiletries
  • clothing
  • beach house specific needs

I’m so ready to pack tomorrow, I kind of want to get started tonight!

The best part about these lists, is that I can use them over and over.

After studying with Cairene a couple years ago, I started putting together some notes and lists for things that I do regularly, but I haven’t really honed them into checklists like this.

I’m starting to see all sorts of ways I can make things easier for myself. Use my brainpower where I really need it, instead of trying to remember the code I have to use to create an e-junkie product, or to bring my cycling shoes.

Where could you simplify things with a checklist?

Photo Credit: iPhone Screenshot of my Cycling Checklist in Wunderlist


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