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Somehow, I’ve managed to not go on and on yet about my love for my iPhone. I’m not sure how that has happened, because if you meet me in person? I can’t hardly shut up about it.

If you have one you know what I mean, especially if you’re a self-employed, entrepreneur. They help you really be location independent.

It’s crazy how much you can do with an iPhone.

I have already mentioned a couple of things, like how I’m using the app Wunderlists for my new checklist adventures and how I blogged directly from itonce.

InstaCC Nature Challenge #sunset by Shannon Wilkinson


It’s not just about productivity.

While I was on my beach retreat, I couldn’t help myself but take loads of pictures. Some were just for me. Some I shared on Facebook. Some I included here, on the blog. But the most interesting ones came out of a new-to-me app: InstaCC – Calendar & Challenges for Instagram.

InstaCC works in conjunction with the Instagram app, a fun, photo-sharing, filter-applying app.

The Calendar part of the name comes from how the app sorts and displays the photos you’ve taken (or uploaded) with it.

That’s nice, but the real fun comes with the challenges.

InstaCC Nature Challenge #sea


There are a number of free challenges that come with the app, and then you can pay to get more and different challenges, including 365 days of challenges!

I chose to do the Nature challenge. Each day you’re given a word and it’s up to you to interpret it with a photo. The app automatically tags your photos so that other people can easily see the different pictures for each challenge. Lots are predictable (like mine), some were really clever, and a few I just didn’t get. Lots of selfies, which seemed to have nothing to do with the challenge word and made me think it must be the person’s name.

Opening my eyes.

While I was already taking time to really look around me and take it all in, doing the challenges deepened that. And each day I thought how amazing it was that I found something to fit the challenge.

Now that I’m back in Portland, I think I’m going to try a different challenge, to help me keep that fresh eye in a familiar place.

What about you?

Do you have a favorite way to keep looking with a fresh eye? Or a favorite iPhone photo app?


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