Shifting (Literal) Perspectives

While I often talk about shifting your perspective from an internal or metaphorical position, I’m also a big fan of shifting your literal perspective. (The latter helps with the former, plus, it’s fun.)

This might be as simple as getting up from your desk for a stretch or a quick walk, to actually working in a different location like I do with my weekly cafe dates, or moving from my desk to the dining table or the rocker on the front porch.

Over the last week, I’ve made an even bigger shift, and am staying at the Oregon Coast.

What are you looking at?

I’m working in front of a window that looks over Shore Pines and Scotch Broom.

The trees and sky are alive with birds of all sizes, from swooping seagulls to a little flock of hummingbirds that have been flitting around in between the rainstorms.

If I look in just the right spot, I can see a sliver of the Pacific Ocean crashing against the beach.

It’s close.

Just a few minutes walk and I’m at the beach.

Looking out at Haystack Rock and Cape Kiwanda.

On the weekend, watching surfers and paddle boarders, kayakers and dory fisherman.

During the week it’s quiet. The campground nearby, empty.

There have been minus tides this week. That means that rocks that aren’t usually exposed, were completely accessible.

I had planned to get right to work after a morning run the other day, but the tide pools were too compelling. Instead of a formal cool down and stretching period, I meandered around the rocks that were teeming with life.

It was especially fun because of a field trip with dozens of little kids running around with fascination pointing and shrieking out their finds with great glee.


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