Here I Am (New Year or Not)

The clamor of Christmas has quieted, only to be replaced by the clamor of the New Year. (Not) Resolution-making. Goal-creating. Three word-choosing. Theme-picking. Year-reviewing.

I’m feeling an urge to join in, as I have in different ways in years past. To look towards the year ahead and consider what I want it to look like. How I want to shape it. The story I’d like to un-fold.

And yet, despite what the calendar says, the timing’s not right for me. I have a cold. The holidays were especially rough. I’m feeling depleted.

I know that I don’t want my navigation of the coming year to be based on any lack I’m feeling in this moment, so I’m making myself sit on my hands a little longer. I’m channeling that energy into things that nourish me. Climbing mountains. Napping. Reading. Dance of Shiva. Writing. Talking with friends and colleagues and mentors. Getting quiet. Yoga.

It’s taking longer than I hoped, but I can feel myself filling up. In time, I’ll be in a place where I can think about the next weeks, months, year, in a way that feels right to me. From a place of wholeness, rather than depletion.

Until then, I’ll be here taking care of myself and taking naps. I hope you are too.

(Flickr image by Lori Ann of MamaWit.)

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