Getting to Joy

Shannon  Wilkinson at Mile 18 of the 2012 Portland Marathon I love this picture.

It’s around mile 18 of the marathon I ran in October. I think it captures the total joy I felt (at times) during the race.

I also love that the two guys behind me are smiling too. (Probably because I was waving my arms and yelling like a crazy person to get the attention of my friend, Cairene, and her husband who came out to cheer me on.)

Of course, I didn’t have this grin on my face the whole time. There were plenty of moments when I wasn’t sure I was going to finish. When I didn’t know if I could do it. When I thought about stopping.

There was pain discomfort and worry and questioning.

A fair number of mindgames for ease.

But then there were the magical times that all disappeared.

Something would wash over me, I get to do this.

I get to take a Saturday morning and do this. I get to live a life where I can train for this. I get to see my mom and my friends that came out to cheer for me. I get to have a deep experience of what my body (and mind) are capable of.

I get to do this.

And that is a very powerful thought.

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