{Training Log} #4 – Slow Starts and Something (Anything)

In 2011, I started running. In 2014, I’ll be running the oldest and most prestigious marathon in the world, the Boston Marathon. With this series, I’m sharing the techniques I use to coach myself (mentally, emotionally and physically) through six months of training. Thanks for joining me!

Slow Starts

When I start my runs, invariably, a few minutes in and I look at my watch to check my heart rate and pace. Each time this week, I was disappointed by what I’d see. My heart rate spikes up high even though my pace is slow. A thought passes through my mind, I can’t do this. But, I stick with it. I keep running. I let myself settle into a pace right for that day’s run.

I breathe. I scan through my body, relax what’s tense. Play mind games with myself. And slip into that space that keeps me coming back to running. Over, and over again.

That place of peace and calm, where there’s nothing to do but maintain my momentum and pay attention to my body. And with that comes the joyful thought, I get to do this. And everything changes.

Something (Anything)

Last week, during my long run, I hatched the idea of Active Every Day. I thought it would be a fun way of not letting the shorter, colder days get the better of you.  And by you, I also mean me.

#ActiveEveryDayThe idea is that you don’t have to do anything specific, it just needs to be purposeful and more active that you might otherwise be. One participant walked to the store instead of driving, another ran up and down the stairs while working instead of walking, several went on runs when they really wanted to stay inside where it was warm.

Starting this has helped me be more active too. Because, as I learned from one of my favorite iPhone Apps 24/7 (formerly MotionX-Sleep) even on days when I do a long run, I can still be inactive 20-22 hours! Each day I’ve found myself thinking of little things I could do to be more active throughout the day. I might do a couple of stretches on the last step of the stairs. I might, do some twists and stretches while sitting at my desk. I’ve been walking or riding (even in the rain) to run errands.

I’d love to have you join me. Get the details about Active Every Day here. Or simply, do a little more purposeful activity today. (And tomorrow. And the next day.) And if you’d like, share it!


I didn’t get a long run in this week (I do three different training runs each week) though I did pick up the pace for my Saturday run a bit. I even managed to get a crown on Strava! I’m still frustrated by the ups and downs of my physical abilities as I’m training, wanting to push through. And, the last few times I did that, I ended up sick for a few days. So, I continue to ride the fine line between training hard enough to be ready for April, and being well enough to train that whole time.

Video: A 15 second peek at my run last Friday. It included a half-mile hill (twice!), fog and leaves.     


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