Feeling Good – It’s not bad (an Explore & Play Class)

There are times when it’s easy to feel good, and there are times when it is difficult, maybe even seems inappropriate. However, feeling good, even when it’s not how we’re conditioned to feel in a situation, can be the most supportive, powerful thing you can do.

Feeling good reduces stress, opens up options and allows you to respond more fully in any situation.

During the next Explore & Play Class and Coaching Hour on Tuesday, November 13th, I’ll share with you why feeling good is so powerful and how to feel good in even the most difficult of situations.

When would you like to feel good?

With the recent election here in the US and the holiday season coming up, I’m betting you can come up with a situation or two where you tend to feel bad and would like to feel good (even if you can’t imagine it). Share your experiences here, and I’ll be sure to address them on the call.

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During the call, I explain why feeling good matters, and how to do it. I also share my personal experience using this during a particularly emotional and tumultuous weekend. Then, two callers get coached. The first finds herself on an emotional roller coaster during a job search. After we’re done she says, “…my mind has been completely blown by this!” The second caller learns how to continue feeling good while she’s with other people who are feeling bad.

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