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The last Explore & Play call was exceptionally fun. I shared a short, easy-to-use process that you can use to coach yourself. During the call I guided three people through the process, and helped them make powerful changes in just a matter of minutes.

And then there was the Transfer Ease call, when Ann learned how to cleaning the kitchen can be as easy as singing. Or coaching Margaret through unsticking some Sticky Beliefs to help her finish an overdue project.

I can’t forget the very first call, when I was crazy nervous, unsure if anyone would even show up, much less if I could successfully coach someone spontaneously in just a few minutes.

That’s why I love the calls.

And continue doing them after more than a year and a half. It’s not just the teaching (though I love sharing techniques and processes with you) it’s the unpredictability and challenge of not knowing who’s going to show up and what they want to be coached about.

I’m happy to say I’ve yet to be stumped.

Join the Exploration

If you’re curious about the classes, be sure and sign up, over there –> in the sidebar. You’ll get invitations to future calls (the live calls are free!) and access to the Create Confidence class and other mind-bending tools and techniques.

You’ll also get a coupon code good for another class of your choice. But hurry, the code expires this Friday (along with the Mayan calendar).

Can’t wait to see which class you choose.


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