A Gift of Better Sleep

Remember when I confessed that I’m sleeping with my iPhone? Now, you can too. For free!

MotionX, the company that makes my favorite sleep app, has offered you, my readers, a promotional code to download the app for free.

It’s totally worth the regular $2.99 price, but free makes the decision to give it a try, simple.

Simply visit this Sleep by MotionX page, enter your email address and they’ll send you a code to redeem on iTunes.

I still love it.

This remains the most used app on my phone. I use it every night to monitor my sleep, every day to monitor my activity, and now, there’s a new feature that lets me monitor my resting heart rate. I love knowing my heart rate without having to do any math (or count for a full minute!).

I’ve been playing with this feature a bit, but haven’t created a solid habit about recording it every morning. That’s the next step. (Edit. The app has made this totally easy. When you turn off the alarm, the app automatically switches to the screen to measure your heart rate. Yay for ease!)

After four months I have a much clearer picture about my sleep habits and what I’d like to support and what I’d like to change. I can see how well I’m doing with my goal of 8 solid hours of sleep a night. I can see just how inconsistent my sleeping patterns can be. I also blasted a few myths I’d been perpetuating with myself.

If nothing else, it’s fun to see what your sleep and activity really looks like.


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