Why Do I Care About Your Clutter?

deskbeforeSince I introduced my new thing (If you haven’t yet, check it out, I’m ridiculously excited about it!) I’ve gotten some questions about why I’d be focusing on clutter or organization. “It’s not helping people create and do what they love,” they’d say.

And, they’d be right. And, they’d be wrong. See, clutter, can block you from what you love in so many ways. It:

  • Takes up space in your home or office, so you don’t have room to do what you love.
  • Uses money because you have to buy stuff because you can’t find what you need, so you don’t have money to spend on what you love.
  • Sucks up energy and brain power, beating yourself up over the clutter, so you don’t have the energy to do what you love.

These are just a few of the way that clutter can block you. If you have issues with clutter, and many creative-types do, you probably have your own spin on these issues. And if clearing the clutter will help you dissolve the blocks that have been holding you back, then I’m in!

The other reason is that I know from first hand experience how much clutter can slow you down and keep you from what you love. Clutter has been an issue for me.

Warning confession ahead! That cluttered desk in the picture? I wish I could tell you it’s a stock photo, but it’s mine. It’s how my desk looked this morning when I sat down to work. And you know what? I sat there for a moment, overwhelmed by all that stuff and I couldn’t even put two thoughts together. I mean, creative thoughts about Declutter Happy Hour or writing a post or doing any of the other things that are on my to do list.

The only thoughts I had were of that voice in my head saying mean things. You know like, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you always let things get like this?” Years ago this would have turned into a barrage of snark, leading to bad feelings that would have paralyzed me. But now I have techniques and professional organizer Janine Adams and the awesome ability to notice when I’m not really making things better by being mean to myself so I can take a step back, check in with myself, and find out what would really help.

Today, the answer wasn’t surprising: deskafterClear off my desk and then start work. Concerned that the piles would take up too much time (they were at least four inches high) I set the timer for 15 minutes and decided that whatever was left at that point would get set to the side, and I’d deal with it later.

No need for that. I handled the entire mess in exactly 15 minutes. Then I could get creative with the teleclass, write this post, and you know, just think clearly with all that extra space on my desk and in my brain.

Oh, just in case you aren’t on the list, tomorrow I’ll post my last newsletter about clutter, complete with some steps to help you handle it easily.

4 comments to Why Do I Care About Your Clutter?

  • Ezra Brooks

    I love this post! Thank you for stating so clearly the effects of clutter in our lives. Addressing a seemingly small issue can create space for so much creativity. My work is all about transforming informational clutter, and your thoughts have provided a great deal of insight!

    Ezra Brooks’s last blog post..Notes from PIFF

  • Shannon, the progress you made in just 15 minutes is amazing! You inspired me to tackle my knitting clutter, near the chair in my living room where I knit. I took some before and after pix. I’m going to post them on my blog tomorrow.

    It’s amazing how much mental space physical clutter takes up!


  • What? How dare you threaten my beloved piles of mess? And, that’s another thing that’s bothered me, how can a Virgo have beloved piles of mess?

    Actually, it’s been much, much better in my office since I’ve gotten help- and I’m really glad you are taking this on. You are absolutely dead-on, and woo-hoo! You rock!

    Mark Silver’s last blog post..Luddite Offline Marketing

  • This really rings true for me… I experience the same things with clutter!

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