Ridiculously Proud of Myself

I recently had the amazing and talented Kate Harding migrate my website from Textpattern to WordPress. It was a little scary, but she was wonderful and did an amazing job. I’ve been messing around with it now for a few days, changing content, trying to understand how it all works, playing with the widgets and plug-ins I can use now that I’m using WordPress.

One of the plug-ins I’ve been dying to use is CommentLuv. Kate set it up for me. And then, when I started receiving new comments, I noticed that the CommentLuv text looked horrible! It was bright white and the text was barely legible. I looked at the settings, tried to make sense of them and gave up.

Today I spent a little more time with it, and figured out how to change the colors and adjust it. Now, it looks great. Yay for me!

4 comments to Ridiculously Proud of Myself

  • Congrats of the switch over – looks pretty seamless!

    James | Dancing Geek’s last blog post..How can I allow & do at the same time?

  • Deb Owen

    Yay Kate! And Yay You! (Isn’t it fun when you keep at it til things start working?) Awesome!

    Deb Owen’s last blog post..free beer! (a.k.a. hey all you music lovers! support the arts!)

  • Lynn Crymble

    This is awesome Shannon! And Kate is kickass.
    Isn’t great when you persevere and you end up fixing something. So gratifying. Good for you.
    Looking forward to more great posts and adding more comment luv :-)

  • Amy

    ok, shannon, tell the truth: are you speaking directly to me in that clutter newsletter?! you have, after all, seen the inside of my house. we actually did a “toy dump” in the playroom recently and got rid of 10 Hefty bags of kid stuff, which no one has missed since! and this weekend (cue scary music): the dog room…. thank you for the newsletter, it helped me center on why i’m so bad at getting rid of clutter and why having it upsets me so much. (should be mutually exclusive, i know, but they’re not.) i have one tiny shelf in my house extremely organized and it makes me very happy when i walk by it every day. now the goal is to get the rest of the damn house to look like that! which you know, having been there, is no small task….. xo

    Amy’s last blog post..Mouse in a Party Hat

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