Today a World of Possibility card showed up in my inbox. It’s from the inestimable Alexandra Franzen. I attended her writing workshop a couple of weekends ago.

This message is so perfect as we open up 2013 and venture in, I want to share it.

So, here it is, for you, from me (words by Alex):

Hey you.

I’ve had my eye on you.

I see possibilities — things that (maybe) you can’t see yet.

I see a world of possibility. Scratch that — I see a whole solar system.

Here’s what I see for you, in 2013.

< choose / circle all that apply. Or add your own. >

: I see you on stage, speaking live & raising the roof.
: I see you with a book deal, signed, sealed & delivered.
: I see you taking a WHOLE MONTH OFF, to frolic & play, without fear.
: I see you & me. In Hawaii. Coconut butter & bikinis. Me oh Mai tais.
: I see you finally starting that damn blog.
: I see you finally quitting that damn job.
: I see you finally putting your health & happiness first (and second, and third, and fourth.)
: I see you starting a book club / cheese club / wine club / sex club / all-of-the-above club.
: I see you recording an album & making a music video. (Big hair. Small pants.)
: I see you making up for lost kisses & missed opportunities.
: I see you on the cover of O magazine. Wedged between Dr. Oz, Ellen & Oprah, herself.
: I see you rocking a TEDx talk. Wobbly knees & all.
: I see you discovering the method to your madness.
: I see you walking down the aisle, towards the One that you Want.
: I see you tearing up old contracts & bolting into freedom.
: I see you selling everything you own & levitating with lightness.
: I see you hiring that assistant you’ve been talking about, for eons.
: I see you making more money than you ever dreamed possible.
: I see you publishing a volume of poetry. Just because.
: I see you not giving a fuck about can’ts, mustn’ts and shouldn’ts.
: I see you breaking your own sound barrier.
: I see you ASTONISHING all of us.

I see you. I get you. I love you.

And I want you to know — whatever’s next for you, I’m rooting. Like a maniac.

Tell me how I can help support your undeniable amazingness. Holler & I’m there.

Seriously. Tell me, here in the comments, in a private note, on Facebook.

I don’t care how you do it, just let me know.


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