Ten Things I Want for You (and for me)

1. For you to recognize your voice.

2. To hear it more clearly than anything (or anyone) else.

3. To understand that the things you do that seem like self-sabotage actually contain kernels of self-preservation.

4. Recognition that fear is normal, in that everyone has it (you are not a weirdo freak).

5. Fear is not necessary for motivation and doesn’t really work all that well in the long run.

6. That it is possible to live with substantially less fear than you have right now.

7. To move your body every single day. If you can do it outside, especially in nature, even better.

8. It’s possible to enjoy a quiet mind, even for just seconds at a time.

9. It’s not about never getting stuck again (or messing up or insert bad habit here) it’s about how you treat yourself when you inevitably do.

10. A deep breath is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself.

Bonus – Change is not only possible, it can be easy. Angst is not a prerequisite.

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