I’m hooking up with an Aardvark and you could win

It’s true. I’ve been spending time with the Aardvark of Aardvark Essentials and his glorious business partner, Heidi.

See, it all started when I fell in love with their lotions and potions for mixed up emotions (best tagline ever). Who wouldn’t really, with names like Night Queen, Ease Please and Cha Cha Chai. They smell amazing, feel wonderful, and really do help shift your emotions.

While smoothing on their lotion-y goodness I wondered, how amazing would it be to have some audio goodness to accompany them? You know, really get the experience of ease, or inspiration or relief from overwhelm inside and out as you smooth on the potions, inhale the artfully blended scents and listen to words that reinforce it all at the deepest unconscious level. Yeah, pretty great right?

I conferred with Mr. Aardvark and Heidi. They thought so too. So we’re combining our superpowers. But, we had a dilemma.

Which potions to choose?

We couldn’t decide, so we’re letting you have the honors. Yep, that’s right, you get to vote for the potions you’d most like an audio companion full of meditation-y, hypnosis-y goodness.

Oh, and voting gets you entered into a contest to win all of the potions and all three audios. Head over to Heidi’s Table and read all about the contest and vote for your favorites. Hurry though, the contest ends at noon PT on Tuesday, July 13th.

Enter the contest now.

Who knows, you just might win.

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