45 x 45 Coaching Sessions

The challenge is over, but this powerful and fun coaching session lives on as Catalyst Sessions.

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As I’ve shared on the blog, I have a birthday coming up in March. Rather than just letting myself slip into an older demographic, I decided to take on a few challenges with the theme of 45 to use its power for good.

I’ve cleared extra space in my calendar for the next eight weeks to make room especially for this challenge:

Coach 45 different people between now and my 45th birthday

These are the aptly, if not creatively, named 45 x 45 Sessions.

To continue the 45 theme, you’ll get at least 45 minutes of coaching for $45. And, $4.50 of each fee will go to a fund to make loans on Kiva.org, so even more people will be helped to meet their challenges.

What’s included?

The time for each 45 x 45 session is divided between:

  • an initial review of your situation by email
  • a 30 minute one-on-one coaching session by phone
  • a follow-up question by email

What can I get coached on?

This type of session is what’s often called a laser or spot coaching session. It’s a great approach for a well-defined situation where you are feeling stuck or triggered. It’s also possible to experience change around a more widespread or pervasive habit or pattern, but it’s not likely that it will transform completely in one of these sessions.

Aren’t sure where to start or if your issue is a good one for coaching? I’ve answered these questions (and more) on a new Hey Shannon! post. There’s even a madlibs-like shortcut for you to try. If you still have questions, get in touch.

Who can sign up?

This offer is open to anyone who wants to play along, even past or current clients. Because of the limited number of sessions available though, only one per person please!

How’s it work?

I’ll be using all my skills in coaching, NLP and conversational hypnosis to help you get the change you want in this focused session. This might include asking you questions, listening deeply and using perception-shifting techniques to discover exactly what will give you the change you want. There will also probably be laughing. I love having fun while making serious change.

All 45×45 sessions must be purchased by 5pm PT, Friday, March 16th. All sessions must be completed by Friday, April 13th.

Get started

Simply click this pay now button and let’s get started!

Sorry no longer available – check out Catalyst Sessions.

What happens when you sign up:

  1. When you click on the pay now button below, you’ll be taken to Paypal where you can pay from your Paypal account, or with any major credit card.
  2. After completing the purchase, you’ll automatically be brought back to a page on this site, where you can share with me privately the details of the issue you’d like to change.
  3. Once you’ve responded to the questions, you’ll get an email with a link to my online scheduler. You’ll choose a couple of dates/times that work for you (sessions are available M-F 10am PT – 3pm PT), I’ll confirm, and we’re off!

Aren’t sure my approach is for you?

Here’s what other people have said. And be sure and check out the free resources I have available, including a recording of an Explore & Play call, which includes me coaching two different people on confidence. Then consider if this opportunity is right for you, right now.

I hope you’ll be one of the 45!