Hey Shannon: #1 Answering your questions

I get questions. I give answers. I used to keep it just between me and the asker, but I get a lot of similar questions, which of course have similar answers. Plus it seems that there are plenty of people with a similar question who haven’t been brave enough to ask.

So, now you get to see the answers too. Just in case. We all get to learn something.

And, rest assured that if you ask me a question that I answer here, I won’t use your name or any information that might identify you (unless you want me to).

The Latest Questions

Hey Shannon:

I’m drawn to your Catalyst Coaching Sessions, but every time I get to the part that says, “It’s a great approach for a well-defined situation where you are feeling stuck or triggered,” I get stuck. I have no idea what qualifies, and all my issues seem too big or too small.

Can I still do this?


No Goldilocks Issues

* * *

Hey Shannon:

I’d love to do one of your Catalyst Coaching Sessions, but I don’t know how to pick an issue. I feel stuck in so many areas.



Where to Start

* * *

Hey Shannon:

I’m working on getting fit/writing a book/making more money/some other big project. It’s mostly going okay, but I sometimes bump up against blocks. Is this something I can get coached on with your Catalyst Sessions?


Mostly Okay On My Own

The Answer

First of all, yay for you for wanting to change the things that aren’t working in your life. It’s easy for things to get in the way of this (it’s hard, it’s scary, I hate asking!).

What you’re feeling? It’s normal

I know these all seem like different kinds of questions, but really they’re pretty much the same issue. It’s hard to see things clearly when your issue is looming over you. Of course it feels too big, or confusing, to you. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Because the Catalyst Sessions are one-off and shorter than a normal session, we probably won’t be able to deal with all aspects of your particular challenge in one of these sessions. However, we can take a piece of it and shift it. The magic of that? Once you shift one part of a situation, the whole thing shifts.

You don’t need to know the piece that will be the key one for you before you sign up. The process starts by you answering a couple of questions via email that will hope you focus the issue. Plus, I will get us to the heart of the issue, or the most important stuck place, very quickly at the beginning of our phone session.

The kinds of things I’ve been coaching people on recently:

  • I have a big project to do, but I’m not getting it done!
  • I have all these little things to do, but I’m not getting them done!
  • I want to be more active, but I’m just not doing it!
  • I want to make more money with my business, but I’m stuck!

Look, a pattern!

Try filling in the blanks in one of these sentences (it’s like Madlibs):

I want to _________, but I ______________!

I don’t want to ___________, but I still _____________!

Consider these sentences a short-cut to identifying an issue that would be perfect for a Catalyst Session. And know, that even if you can’t make your situation fit, you can still get coaching on it.

While I can’t promise that you’ll instantly transform all aspects of your biggest challenge in our 30 minute call and email follow-up, I can promise that you will finish the session feeling better, with a new perspective and your next steps.

Keep the questions coming!

Have a question? Head over to my contact page and ask away.

P.S. There’s definitely no issue too small for the Catalyst Sessions either. If you’re feeling bad or getting stuck somewhere in your life, it’s worth transforming it.

Note: This page has been updated with the conclusion of the birthday challenges and the introduction of Catalyst Sessions.

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