The view from my window at the retreat.  Complete with deer (in the middle of the photo).

The view from my window at the retreat. Complete with deer (in the middle of the photo).

Have you ever noticed that little trick your mind plays on you, the one about how you don’t have the time to relax, you don’t have the time to be calm, you don’t have the time to breathe?

It’s a crazy, twisted little trick.

It’s so easy to get in that mode, and push, Push, PUSH. Sure, stuff gets done, but so do you. Cooked. Burnt-out. Deflated. Sick.

I have an extra lot on the to-do list today. See I pretty much took all of last week off. I took the time to attend Havi Brook’s Destuckification Retreat at the last minute.

Am I glad I did. Today was going to be busy before I rearranged things, and put stuff off until this week. Now it’s just extra busy. And, instead of feeling overwhelmed it’s going smoothly. Had I not taken the time to really relax, explore what I need and get re-inspired by my business (and boy am I re-inspired!) it would have been gerbil wheel central around here.

Every so often it’s great to retreat.

I know it’s not always possible to get away, so I want to tell you about a really cool opportunity to retreat in the comfort of your own home, live or on a schedule that works for you.

Jen Louden’s Virtual Retreat

She’s the Comfort Queen, and her book, The Woman’s Retreat Book was featured on Oprah. I’ve retreated with her, and she knows what she’s doing! The whole set-up is pretty great. There are 13 mini-retreats, a workbook, support and structure to help you get the most out of it.

If you’re on the gerbil wheel, please take a moment to relax and breathe and explore how to find a little more calm in your life.

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