Is That a Delay In Your Plan?

Remember just a few days ago when I so excitedly shared my Rad of the week, planning?

I was oh-so-happy with my plan. Ready to start taking action. You know, actually get moving in the direction I’m headed.

My task lists were ready, my big map hung on the wall.

I forced myself to take a break from work on Saturday. To give myself a real day off, a day unplugged.

Then Sunday happened.

What I woke up with in the early hours of Sunday morning was a house shaking cough, a fever, body aches, sneezing. It wasn’t pretty. It was the flu.

I couldn’t believe it. I had just gotten over a cold! I had stuff to do! My plan, it was waiting!

But not yet.

I reminded myself there was plenty of time. How taking care of myself had to be my top priority.

I canceled the plans I had with friends that day. I canceled my clients and plans with friends for Monday.

Monday was no better. My temperature went up five degrees over the course of the day. My resting heart rate (which I easily monitor thanks to Sleep by MotionX) was up 30 points. Just the thought of holding a book took too much energy. I skipped blogging for the day.

Friends checked on me. I drank as much hot honey ginger lemon as I could. And I just stayed in bed.

It was hard to do, well, mentally at least. Physically I didn’t have much choice. But I struggled a bit with wanting to do something, to make some effort on my new plan. It’s not always easy for me to relax and do nothing.


I was annoyed that I was sick again. I was upset I had to reschedule clients. I was disappointed to cancel get togethers with friends I hadn’t seen in some time.

Then grateful.

My clients were flexible and happy to reschedule. My friends understood and promised we’ll sort out new times soon.

And then I realized that as sick as I had been on Sunday and Monday, here I am on Wednesday, working basically a full day. Of course, there were a couple of naps. But I feel pretty good. No fever, no chills, no aches or pains. Just a little congestion, a bit of hoarseness and an occasional cough (although once it gets started…).

That’s pretty amazing.

Even the cold I had last week was pretty minor, and I recovered pretty quickly.

Sure, I would have rather not been sick at all, but I’m very grateful that I’m recovering so quickly. And I’m sure, that if I continue to rest, really rest (not just take it easy), I’ll be 100 percent in no time.

My plan is still here. It hasn’t gone anywhere. And I can always watch this pep talk if I need a little boost.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

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