Good | Bad | Rad #3

A look back at some of the best, worst and most surprising parts of my week.

The Good

Movement. After a two week break, I started some gentle Happy Moving each morning this week. It felt so good! I finished the week with more moving than I’ve done for awhile with a hike with Elizabeth & Atlas in Forest Park. It was such a great way to get outside and chat and laugh and move and enjoy the morning. I think in the coming week I’ll start running again.

Exploring & Playing. I love these calls. I love the people that are on the calls, whether they speak up or stay silent. The energy is just great. I love the emails I get afterwards, about how something shifted for them while they listened to someone else get coached, or the particular way I explained something, or by just paying attention to something in a different way. I expected a call in mid-August to be pretty quiet, but I was happily surprised by the number of people that tuned in.

New faucet. Oh, it’s such a small thing, particularly when the old faucet was perfectly serviceable. But the new ones doesn’t wiggle and get stuck when swiveling, the nozzle pulls out, which means I have a soap dispenser instead of a leaky sprayer. It’s a little bit surprising how happy it makes me. And a great reminder how getting rid of those annoying little tolerations can make such a huge difference.

The Bad

Email. One of the things I’ve reprioritized over the last couple of weeks is email. And by reprioritized I mean, virtually ignored everything except what I absolutely had to deal with and hope that nothing fell through the cracks. Except things did fall through the cracks. And now, as I’m able to pay more attention, my inbox feels like a field booby-trapped with landmines of neglected emails. Clearly, I need to give my inbox some loving attention. I know how to love up my email, so it’s about choosing a time and getting in the right mindset, and perhaps even unleashing a little boring change on it.

Sleeps. I’ve been sleeping so much better since I started the Happy Sleeps experiments. And then, I messed it all up with a new mattress. Theoretically this memory foam mattress is supposed to help me sleep better, but apparently they take some getting used to. I didn’t believe that. Now I do. It is getting better though. And I’m experimenting with more things to ensure I get the best possible sleeps while getting used to the new mattress.

The Rad

Settling into a Routine. It was almost shocking to feel liberated this morning, knowing that I was going to be writing this particular post today. I expected that today, my third Good | Bad | Rad post would start to feel stifling and limiting, since in the past, it doesn’t take long for me to bump up against my aversion to routine. What a wonderful and curious surprise. This is a very very good example for the part of me that might still harbor concerns about routine.

And you?

What were the Good | Bad | Rad parts of your week?


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