First Newsletter Issue!

I just clicked the button to send my first monthly newsletter out into the world. I’m a little nervous. Help me learn how best to help you. Tell me what you liked about it, what bugged you, what you already knew and have found successful in your life.

What’s that? You haven’t subscribed yet? Well, click here and sign up now!

Here’s a snippet from the first article:

Have You Caught the Fix-It-All-Now Flu?

Recently a woman emailed me because she wanted to make the jump from a job she hated to self-employment in a field she loved, but she was scared. She wasn’t sure how to go about it, so she started with reading books to try and fix her fears.

Rather than helping her, they were making her fears worse. Read more.

Tell me about a time you succumbed to the Fix-It-All-Now Flu. Did you give the practice steps a shot? How well did it go for you?

Let me know!

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