You are invited to a special event in Portland on August 3rd

We’re sorry, but we’ve had to cancel this event. We hope to present it again in the future!

If you crave…

a simpler life,

lasting ease,

the freedom to do what you really want,

please join us for the three-hour workshop:

Create Freedom and Ease with Habits and Routines

Janine Adams & Shannon Wilkinson at the Create Freedom and Ease with Habits and Routines Workshop in St. Louis

Janine Adams & Shannon Wilkinson at the Create Freedom and Ease with Habits and Routines Workshop in St. Louis

With great routines in place, you get stuff done, often without even thinking about it. When you take care of things automatically, you’re free to focus your time and attention on what really matters.

Imagine if you could stop nagging yourself, beating yourself up for lacking willpower or trying to remember tasks that keep falling through the cracks.

It’s all really possible.

During the Create Freedom and Ease with Habits and Routines workshop, you’ll learn the three keys of habit creation and how to transform habits into simple, automatic routines. Plus you’ll easily let go of any resistance you might have (resistance you might not even know about) and uncover inspiration so you can create habits and routines that stick.

Praise from an attendee of the St. Louis workshop:

The week after the workshop was the least agonizing and most productive week I’ve had in many years!

Corinne, St. Louis MO

At the workshop, you’ll:

  • explore the difference between habits and routines and how they can help you
  • learn the three keys of habit creation
  • overcome any internal resistance you might have to habits and routines
  • gain helpful tools to create great habits
  • discover which habits and routines will create ease and freedom for you
  • get personalized help in creating habits and routines just right for you
  • learn what to do when you backslide, despite your best efforts

The support doesn’t end there.

After the three-hour, in-person workshop, you’ll receive emailed tips and helpful reminders over the course of three weeks to support your new habits and routines. You’ll also be invited to a live call where you can get your questions answered and move through any stuck places you’ve encountered with your new habits and routines.

All this included with the price of the workshop!

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Praise from an attendee at the St. Louis workshop:

If you need a jump start on creating new habits-there is not a better way to go than going to this workshop!

Sarah Wright, Columbus OH

Is Create Freedom and Ease with Habits and Routines for you?

Have you found yourself in any of these situations:

  • Scrambling to get out of the house on time
  • Wanting to exercise more, but not finding the time (or the motivation)
  • Wishing there weren’t so many piles around the house
  • Putting off unpleasant tasks

If so, you’ll want to be there! Even if you can’t yet imagine how habits and routines can help with these and many other common and not-so-common troubles, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Who Are We?

Hi, we’re life coach Shannon Wilkinson and professional organizer Janine Adams. We’ve co-taught several courses, including Declutter Happy Hour, and together bring more than 15 years experience helping clients live their dreams.

Janine Adams


Shannon Wilkinson


Janine, a certified professional organizer, uses habits and routines every day with her Peace of Mind Organizing clients. She also created and teaches the online workshop, “Simplify Your Life with Habits + Routines” for the popular website

Shannon, a certified life coach, helps her Perception Studios clients make shifts in beliefs and perceptions, especially unconscious ones, using humanistic neuro-linguistic psychology and hypnosis. Making life and behavior changes this way is easy, really sticks and helps new habits and routines feel natural, inspired and fun.

Because Janine lives in St. Louis and Shannon lives in Portland this is a unique opportunity to learn from them together, in person.

Praise for Shannon & Janine’s collaboration, Declutter Happy Hour:

Declutter Happy Hour was extremely helpful. The dynamic duo of Janine Adams, with her practical advice, and Shannon Wilkinson, who delves into the emotional issues of clutter, and the 30 minute decluttering sessions were fantastic. Thanks for your help.

Cathy Barash – Des Moines, Iowa

What’s included:

  • Three-hour interactive, personal workshop with experts Janine Adams and Shannon Wilkinson
  • A series of helpful reminders and inspiring tips via email for three weeks after the live workshop
  • A one-hour live follow-up teleconference where you can get your questions answered and get coached with your routines and habits

Want to add in private, individual coaching?

Both Shannon and Janine are offering special one-on-one sessions to workshop participants:

Shannon is offering a 15% savings to workshop participants for one-hour coaching sessions the afternoon of the 3rd. These in-person, one-on-one sessions are available on a first-come first-served basis.

You can use your session for coaching on habits and routines, or a different, unrelated issue.

Single private sessions with Shannon are regularly $185. As a workshop participant, you’ll get a 15% discount, and pay just $160.

Janine is offering special one-on-one question & answer/brainstorming/coaching sessions to workshop participants the afternoon of the 3rd. These in-person, 30-minute sessions are available on a first-come first-served basis.

You can use your session to ask Janine any questions you may have about habits and routines, organizing, decluttering, time management or anything you’ve ever wanted to ask a professional organizer.

To work with Janine in-person normally requires a 3-hour minimum commitment. As a workshop participant, you have the opportunity to talk with her in this special session for just $75.

Get the whole package!

Want the workshop, a one-hour session with Shannon and a 30 minute session with Janine?


I’m a little embarrassed about my situation, will I have to share it with everyone?

Of course not, there will be time for participants to share, but you never have to if you don’t want to. You just might discover that you aren’t the only person dealing with your situation too!

How does the follow-up call work?

You’ll receive a phone number and passcode that will allow you into the conference call. Before the call, we’ll send you an email asking you to send in any questions you have or where you could use some coaching with your habits and routines. We’ll be answering these first and then we’ll take questions and do coaching live with any remaining time. All workshop participants will receive an MP3 recording of the call.


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