Why is it so hard to let it be easy?

I’m planning a trip for December. I’m headed to an area where I have lots of friends and family I want to see. Plus, I’m going for a workshop. That means there are all kinds of logistics to work out.

The problem is I’m obsessing on getting it planned perfectly. Making sure everything (and everyone) fits seamlessly together. I want to get it right. Rather than being helpful, it’s paralyzing.

I’m stymied.

Should I fly in to this city and train to that city, then fly out of a third? Should I see if this friend can take me there? Should I book a room in that place right now? What if it’s not the best option?

Ahhhh, there it is. The dreaded best option. Certainly, I don’t want to really screw up and stay in a gross or unsafe place. But really, I know how to avoid that.

Once you get above that level, it’s half a dozen eggplants or six aubergines.

Different names for the same thing.

When I really let that sink in, it frees up my planning. Let’s me embrace good enough, and know that it will all work out in the end.

Either it will be great, or it will be a funny story to share with you. Win win, right?

So, here’s to just enough planning to allow room for serendipity, whimsy and chance to find their way in to my travels. Because really, isn’t it always the unplanned stuff that’s the most fun part of a trip anyway?


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