The best fix can be no fix at all

I like tools. I like real tools and metaphorical tools. I like my toolkit and having access to what I need to fix things.

There’s a problem and a solution.

There’s a certain satisfaction to doing the work and having it be done. And that satisfaction can make it easy to turn everything into a problem.

Sometimes there just isn’t a problem with a solution.

Sometimes the best thing is to simply sit and notice how your feeling. The emotions, the sensations in your body. Let go of the need to fix. To solve a problem. To give yourself advice.

Simply notice. Pay attention. Check in with yourself.

Sometimes, that’s the best fix of all.

You know that feeling when you’re trying to explain something to someone and at some point it clicks, and you feel really heard? Yes! That is what it’s like, when you listen to yourself without judgement. Allow your feelings and emotions the sensations in your body to be heard. Recognized. Allowed. Just. As. They. Are.

Photo Credit: Hard Hat with Hand Tools by toolstop on flickr

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