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I love talking to strangers. I love teaching new faces. And most of all, I love speaking to people with big visions, big ambition, and a genuine desire to make the world a happier place.

Sound like YOU … and your team, club or class?

Talk to me about organizing a talk or a workshop — I can travel to you, you can jet over to me, or we can meet in a virtual classroom.

Have a peek at my signature talks and workshops below — then send me a note to talk topic, dates, times + pricing.

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Talks + Workshops

Perception Shift 101.
This foundational talk is perfect for high-achieving types who HATE getting stuck. It’s all about using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (and other mind-shifting tools) to clear away cruddy mental conditioning + melt emotional obstacles, right outta your head.

You’ll catch a glimpse of an entirely different relationship with reality — like wearing an invisible pair of clarity goggles, or confidence-boosting contact-lenses.


Boring Change. BIG Results.
What if changing your mental wiring, changing your habits + changing your life was so easy, it was almost … boring?

Change doesn’t have to be agonizing, or move at a snail’s pace. It can happen in seconds …but only when you embed your intention deep in your unconscious mind — the ‘animal brain’ that quietly controls your reality.

In this workshop, I’ll show you how to engage your unconscious mind, laying an instant foundation for new patterns + behaviors. It’s a LIVE version of my BORING CHANGE e-kit … but really, it’s anything but boring.


Melt Resistance
How often have you wanted to do something, really wanted it, but then find yourself not actually doing it? Sometimes you recognize the resistance and its usual emotion fear, other times, it’s sneaky and masquerades as something else.

Resistance also comes up frequently with things you need to do, but don’t necessarily want to do.

Having completed multiple marathons + climbed many a mountain — and as a neuro-linguistic programming expert, I know a thing or two about overcoming resistance.

In this talk, you’ll learn ways to melt your resistance (and even prevent it in the first place) so you can get the things done that you want, or need, to do.


Looking for something different?

My Explore & Play classes make excellent talks and mini-workshops. There are more than 20 topics ranging from Creating Habits to Overcoming Overwhelm. In each of these talks, I teach specific strategies to help people coach themselves out of the stuck spots.

I can also develop a talk or workshop to meet your organizations specific needs.


Send me a note to talk topics, dates, times + pricing.

PRAISE for my coaching + teaching

More than just a theoretical class, you gave specific steps and actions to take to begin facilitating positive change in my life. I really like knowing there is something tangible that I can do to support myself better in tough situations.

Beth McKeon,

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