Road Trip!

The snow is beautiful but makes for treacherous driving.

I love road trips. I just arrived home from the last one of 2007. We traveled around Northern California and the Southern Oregon coast. We saw sun and surf, mountains and snow, city and country, familiar and new. It was a great trip!

It was hard to come home, although I was looking forward to sleeping more than one night in the same place. Then this morning I was enjoying the excellent water pressure in the shower (there are a lot of bad showers out there!), followed by a bowl of my favorite flax cereal, checking the computer, basically enjoying my normal routine.

A gorgeous last day of 2007 at the Northern California coast.

As I watched the pouring rain out the window, I started to wish I was back in the California sun. The pleasure of my simple morning routine started to fade, then it hit me.

The real trick is enjoying the best in what you’re experiencing, when you’re experiencing it. That whole idea of being in the moment. What good is it to have great water pressure when you are only thinking of where you were three days ago? Sure your hair gets cleaner, but your mind stays clogged.

So, my new year’s resolution? Practice enjoying my moments, and gently remind myself when my mind wanders and creates a disconnect and dissatisfaction.

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