{Training Log} #3 – Falling, Riding and Double-Digits

Flowers in front of the Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, Oregon

Welcome to my blog archive (and former online home). You can now find me over at shannonwilkinson.com. Thanks for visiting!

In 2011, I started running. In 2014, I’ll be running the most elite marathon in the world, the Boston Marathon. With this series, I’m sharing the techniques I use to coach myself . . . → keep reading

{Good | Bad | Rad} #48 – More and Less

Dewy spider web on the St. Johns Bridge disappearing into the fog - Portland, Oregon

A look back at some of the best, hardest and most surprising parts of my week. Plus a few of my favorite photos I snapped during the week. Sometimes, they’re even relevant.

The Good

More Benefits. This week I decided to add another benefit for Explore & Play More Members. They now get a . . . → keep reading

What Do You Think About Change?

Multnomah Creek in the Columbia River Gorge by Shannon Wilkinson

We hunger for consistency and certainty. The sense that once I get past this one thing, or figure out that one issue, just get this sorted once and for all, everything will be okay.

Sometimes it works.

For awhile.

But somehow, thinking you have it sorted once and for all, makes the inevitable change, . . . → keep reading

{Playback} That Looks Suspiciously Like a Slope


Last week I announced that I had started a new blogging challenge with myself.

The first day this week, I didn’t blog.

I found myself wondering if, like last November, I was once again standing on a slope. That was likely slippery.

And then I just went ahead and blogged a day late.

Some . . . → keep reading

{Training Log} Begin at the Beginning

The St. Johns Bridge disappears over the Willamette River into the fog

There’s no other way to start, but by simply starting. To meet yourself where you are and go from there. But somehow, I’m making it harder than that. I’m wanting things to be different than they are. As I mentioned in last week’s Training Log, I’m bumping up against a lot of shoulds, or rather . . . → keep reading

{Good | Bad | Rad} #47 – Bringing back the GBR

Hiking in the Columbia River Gorge during Fall.

A look back at some of the best, hardest and most surprising parts of my week. Plus a few of my favorite photos I snapped during the week. Sometimes, they’re even relevant.

It’s been 16 weeks since my last G | B | R post. So much has happened since then. Let’s start with a . . . → keep reading

Bookmark the Good Stuff

Shannon Wilkinson's favorite bookmark

Your unconscious mind does this all the time.

It’s what is happening when your buttons get pushed, an aroma takes you back to a moment long ago, or a song reminds you of a particular person. At some point, your unconscious mind made a connection and a pathway was created linking two unrelated things.

Most . . . → keep reading

Meet Them Where They’re At

St. Johns Bridge framed by fall foliage

Do you want to help someone change?

Understand them?

Really connect?

Let them be where they are, right now. Let them be as together, as messed up, as open or closed as they are, right now.

Do they need to be heard? Listen.

Did they ask for advice? Share your best.

Are they unsure? Simply . . . → keep reading

Playback: Is Your Self-Care Hurting You?

Post-workout recovery brownie and glass of milk

Recently, a client session turned to that trickiest of tricks, self-care gone awry. You know, those little things you do for yourself that feel good, but only for a moment.

Our conversation reminded me of this piece I wrote some time ago, and I wanted to share it with you. It originally appeared in . . . → keep reading

{Training Log} The Road to Boston

Shannon Wilkinson accepted into Boston Marathon

September 25th was a rather ordinary day for most people. But for me, and 8,000 other marathon runners, it was a day that would determine how we’d be spending the next seven months. It was the day the Boston Athletic Association was sending out final notifications to let registrants know if their qualifying times were . . . → keep reading