Moving to enter and exit

I’m getting ready to walk to the library. I’m lucky to live in a neighborhood where I can walk or ride my bike to just about everything I need.

Walk Score: 91 out of 100

It’s not just that I don’t have to spend money on gas or wear and tear on my car, but that the getting there, and back again is so much more enjoyable when I’m using my body, enjoying the fresh air, able to look around and really see, smell, hear my surroundings.

It’s not just more pleasant

There’s also a spaciousness, a transition time in between things, that is delightful. When I’m walking, I can snap a picture of something that catches my eye. On my bike I don’t mind going an extra block or two, to see an especially beautiful garden.

In my quest to do one thing at a time this year, I notice that having purposeful entry and exit points are especially important. That’s what these times have become. These spaces in between are opportunities to consciously enter and exit places and spaces, in the world and in my mind.

It’s a way to end those phantom energy draws, to find satisfaction.

Plus I get to pick up some new books.

Photo Credit: Exit Left by crashmaster007 on Flickr

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