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The second issue of my newsletter just went out. Help me learn how best to help you. Tell me what you liked about it, what bugged you, what you already knew and have found successful in your life.

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Here’s a snippet from the main piece:

Is Your Self-Care Hurting You?

If you’ve been hanging out in the personal growth world, you already know that self-care is important to your well-being – particularly in our uber-busy, chaotic lives. But, what if your self-care is hurting you?

“Wait a second,” you say. “If it’s self-care it’s gotta be good. Right?” Not necessarily. Sure, your planned self-care is probably wonderful. A wonderful massage, a cup of tea in the garden, reading a wonderful book, a hike on a beautiful trail. All these can rest your body and rejuvenate your soul.

How Self-Care Goes Bad

But what I’m talking about are those little on-the-fly things we do to treat or bribe ourselves. Read more.

When has your self-care hurt you? Did you give the practice steps a shot? How well did it go for you?

Let me know!

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