Good | Bad | Rad

A look back at the best, worst and most surprising parts of my week.

The Good

Baking bread. It’s been awhile since I made any. It’s not your typical summer activity. But I had guests coming for dinner, and it was turning out to be a relatively cool day. So I broke out the paste ingredients and yeast, and made some. It was especially good with homemade pesto and a fresh tomato garlic concoction I threw together. And oh, how yummy it makes the house smell!

Co-working. I’m such a fan of co-working. For the uninitiated and the other people at the cafe it might seem sort of strange. Two people sitting at the same table, working on their own things, not talking. It really works for me. I get lots done, except for sometimes when I have a lot to catch up on with my co-working partner, or we’re conspiring on something interesting. But mostly, it’s enjoyable, productive time for me. This week, I was especially happy to have two co-working dates.

Paying attention. And making conscious choices with the information. What with all the slowing down and having a little mid-week re-boot on what exactly that means, I’ve been wanting to make my choices really, really conscious. Not so much to control what I’m doing, but rather to really be aware of what I’m doing and choosing the consequences that go along with it.

A little bit of ceramic sweetness. Finding and buying this little gem is definitely a good thing. I smile every time I look at it.

The Bad

Taking it easy without resting. While I’m glad I figured it out, I’m disappointed that it took me so long. It was frustrating feeling like I should be rested, I should be able to do more, I should blah-dee, blah blah blah. I couldn’t. The end. Although part of the reason was I wasn’t really really resting. Now that I am? Things are getting much better.

The Rad

Reflecting on a legacy. As I was reflecting on the week, and thinking about what I had done and the different people I’d spent time with, I was sort of surprised to realize that three very different people I spent time with this week, came into my life due to the same thing, my (late) Great Dane Booker.

Booker is the reason why the very first piece of writing I sold (and much of my freelance writing after that) was about animals.

And while I might have come to it eventually, Booker was the inspiration for me to start my coaching practice.

That dog really left a legacy.  And it inspires me to dream about how I can do the same.

How each of us can.


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