Freelance Writing

I’ve been writing professionally for more than 25 years. My freelance work has appeared in the Washington Post and the Whole Dog Journal, which was ranked #11 of the best 50 magazines in the country by the Chicago Tribune.

Most of my professional writing these days is for the blog on this site. When I was doing more freelance work, I particularly enjoyed writing about companion animals, holistic and alternative care, coaching and self-development, environmental/green issues and travel.

Then there’s that unpublished novel and a half in my desk drawer.

Click on the links below for writing clips:

Bathing Your Bird
Discover your bird’s bathing preferences. Washington Post, May 2005

Shopping for Supplements
What to look for when choosing a nutritional supplement for your dog. Whole Dog Journal, August 2005

Help for Hypothyroidism
Mood swings and unexplained aggression can be caused by low thyroid. (Nominated for a DWAA Maxwell Award) Whole Dog Journal, June 2005

Saved by Grace
Grace Acosta’s dedication gives unwanted Rottweilers a second chance. Rally to Rescue, April 2005

The Great Pretender
Learn about Addison’s Disease which mimics symptoms of many other conditions and can be fatal if not treated properly. (Story redesign by Gilda Garcia) Whole Dog Journal, February 2003

Corporate Writing

Work includes: web content (see links below), media releases, annual reports, presentations, newsletters, fact sheets and other corporate writing. Clients include:

Agritope, Inc.
Albina Community Bancorp
Allison Smith Design
Banner Corporation
Columbia Bancorp
Coast Financial Holdings, Inc.
Deep E Co.
First Bank Northwest
Humboldt Bancorp
Integrated Measurement Systems, Inc.
Klamath First Bancorp
Macheezmo Mouse Restaurants, Inc.
Marsee Baking
Nestle Purina PetCare
Percon Incorporated
Portland Brewing
RB Rubber Products, Inc.
RadiSys Corporation
Riverview Bancorp
Saliva Diagnostics
Security Bank Holding Company
The Spicy Princess
Thrustmaster, Inc.
VIB Corp