Getting Out There

You may remember a little conversation we had about this self-promotion for wimps class I was taking. I took on the challenge to take off the big giant Queen Elizabethesque “I’m a professional” hat and be myself.

I think that sharing conversations with my FPS and the itchiness of one’s feet (even if it is figurative) count toward this goal. And now I’m getting ready to do something even bigger: Put together some products so that more of you can experience me and my coaching.

And, I’m doing it with help. The same fine ladies that taught the Self Promo class are doing other awesome things, all just to help me. Okay, maybe it’s not really all about me. But anyway.

First, the Dance of Shiva stuff that Havi has is amazing. It’s true, the “hot-buttered insights” are delicious! And I’m having all these fab product ideas that will translate into cool stuff for you.

Secondly, Online Business School from Naomi of Ittybiz fame. This home study course is helping me figure out how to really bring you more good stuff.

The combination of insights and know-how are helping me create new ways for us to hang out besides this blog and in one-on-one coaching sessions. so more of you can clear out the gunk and get to the good stuff.

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