Dashing an assumption

I just learned that something I thought everyone experienced, is not experienced by everyone.

In fact, it is experienced by only about 20 percent of the population.

Except that’s not exactly true either, because everyone experiences it, only 20 percent know that they are experiencing it.

I had no idea.

Truly I thought it was universal. I never understood the whys or the hows, but I was certain that it happened to everyone, and everyone knew about it.

It’s an easy mistake to make.

To assume that everyone, or at least most people, are having a similar experience to you.

No wonder it’s so easy for misunderstandings to happen. For confusion to occur.

Now it makes sense.

And all this about a vegetable.

Oh, did you think I was referring to something else?

I easily could have been.

This assuming people are processing and responding to things the same way as you is universal. But, I was talking about asparagus pee.

You can read all about asparagus pee if you’re curious about it. Turns out we all excrete the chemicals after eating it, but only about 20 percent of us can smell them.

Photo Credit: Asparagus Patch by Muffett on Flickr

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