Change Artistry: Get Active!

a group coaching program for people who want to get more active (and have fun while doing it).

It’s something like this . . .

You want to be more active. Feel comfortable in your body. Heck, just stand up from your desk once in a while. So you promise yourself to make a B I G change. To stick with it this time.

But what happens instead is . . .

  • Money wasted on unused gym memberships, exercise DVDs and equipment that becomes nothing more than clothes racks.
  • Time wasted trying to figure out the best program.
  • Energy wasted on guilt and shame and frustration about not being able to stick with it. Again.

I know, it’s easy to do. (I’ve done it too.)

We’re surrounded by the hype. It’s hard not to want to jump all in, with an intense fitness regime complete with high expectations for big changes in how you feel and look.

But the problem is, those methods never fit quite right, and it’s just too hard to muster the motivation to stick with them (and not because you have a willpower problem). There’s outdated mental conditioning and unhelpful beliefs clouding the picture.

Here’s the good news:

You can get moving, feel good and look forward to being active. (Even if you’ve never done it before.)

Being active and feeling fit comes from clearing out the unhelpful stuff inside, so you can do what works for you, your body, your lifestyle. Not trying to shoehorn yourself into the latest fitness craze. Not torturing yourself over the money spent on equipment you bought in a frustrated moment. Not someone else’s idea of how you should be.

That’s where Change Artistry: Get Fit comes in.

This isn’t a fitness bootcamp or beach-body program.

It’s not 30 days to six-pack abs, or lose a bazillion pounds overnight.

In fact, this isn’t an exercise program at all.

This is about changing your mindset, clearing out the unhelpful conditioning, and (re)discovering how great it feels to be active — whether that means choosing the stairs over the elevator, getting excited about the gym or moving up from a 10-k to a half marathon.

I know that sounds hard, maybe even impossible, but that’s why working with me is different.

From couch potato to mountain climber.

Not only do I have experience getting my clients active,  but I’ve gotten myself active too. I’ve gone from proudly declaring “I’m allergic to exercise” for the first 20 years of my adult life, to climbing mountains and running marathons.

I know what works and doesn’t work. I have so many mind-bending tools and strategies, that it doesn’t matter what’s been keeping you on the couch, it can be transformed. (Because either I or one of my clients has probably experienced it too.)

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are, heck, you don’t even need to have a goal, other than to get more active that you are now.

Here’s what you do have to have:

  • The willingness to show up however you are right now.
  • The curiosity to learn what works for you and what doesn’t.
  • The desire to make a change about how active you are in your life (even if you can’t imagine how that will happen).
  • The enthusiasm to cheer on your Change Artistry team.

Change Artistry: Get Active is structured to help you . . .

Jumpstart a lifelong, active lifestyle — whether you know just what you want to be doing (and just aren’t doing it) or you’re unsure where to start (and so you don’t) — wherever you are right now, is the perfect place to start.

Change Artistry: Get Active will also help you . . .

  • Train your brain to support your desires to get active, instead of shutting them down and unmet.
  • Commit to changes in a way that’s easy, peaceful, and playful.
  • Learn to discern the difference between your true desires and your programmed auto-responses.
  • Create an entirely different relationship with reality — like wearing an invisible pair of clarity goggles.

Change Artistry: Get Active includes:

Four 75 minute group coaching classes, by phone, with practical content, mind-bending tools and lots of time for questions and coaching. (These will also be recorded so you can listen again, whenever you want a jumpstart.)

A private Change Artistry lounge (on Facebook) to share your progress, challenges and support.

A playbook filled with treats and tools to keep for life — like re-do-able worksheets, guides and call transcriptions.

Get Active! returns in the fall.

In the meantime you can join Change Artistry: Get Started or get on my email list to be one of the first notified when the fall class opens up. Click here or enter your name and email up there, in the sidebar.

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