Can you hypnotize me?

Only if you want me to. And the same goes for can I make you bark like a dog or quack like a duck. Only if you want to!

Personally, and to gain my training to become certified as a hypnotherapist, I’ve been formally hypnotized hundreds, maybe even thousands, of times. I have never been made to do anything. And you might be surprised by this, but you’ve been in trance yourself. Lots and lots of times. Have you ever been driving and arrived at your destination, not know exactly how you got there? That’s a form of hypnosis — and pretty phenomenal, when think about the fact that it contains at least 1,500 subsets of skills according to author Tom Vanderbilt. Another common trance experience is when you’re watching TV and someone right next to you is talking to you but you don’t hear them.

Hypnosis or trance is essentially a highly receptive state. This is a more thorough collection of hypnosis definitions.

Here are few examples of hypnosis in the news. Happy reading:
The Evening Sun of Hanover, PA has a story about how hypnosis allows a state of self-connection.

US News & World Report, summarized the results of a study that shows hypnosis slows the progression of dementia.

An European chain of dental offices for children have dentists trained in hypnosis to help calm nervous kids, reports London’s Daily Mail.

With my life coaching clients, I occasionally use more formal hypnosis to help them overcome their issues. But more often, I use more subtle techniques from hypnosis and NLP to help clients get their conscious and unconscious minds working together to create a life they love. Hey, it worked for me.

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