Without Want

Last night, 60 Minutes aired a repeat segment called, Sea Gypsies Saw Signs In The Waves. It was about how the Moken people knew the Tsunami was coming and exactly what to do to survive it.

That information was interesting, but what was really fascinating to me was that the Moken language doesn’t have words equivalent to a few very common words and concepts in English.

Imagine if the word “want” didn’t exist. They have words for “take” and “give” but not want. “When” doesn’t exist either. The concept of time is completely different. No one the interviewer asked knew how old they were. (I’d like that, having just turned 40!) And, there’s no “hello” or “goodbye.” You are either here, or you’re not.

This is a people that truly live in the current moment, the now. something that we as westerners try to do, and they just are. I’m going to try, no, do an experiment, starting as I typed that sentence it turns out. Just for today, I won’t use the words “want” or “try,” I’ll just do, as best I can.

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    After making a deposit a guy at the bank says “Hope you have a good day.” I say thank you and hope you
    have good one too. He
    says, “I’ll try.” Remembering your comments, I looked at him and said, don’t try just do. I smiled and
    walked away.

    Thanks for making me think!

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