Traveling at Home

The first week after a month of traveling was strange. The things that were my focus for a month were no longer such an issue. (Where are we going to sleep? Where/what are we going to eat? What cool things can we see today? What interesting people are we going to meet?)

But as I’m writing this, I realize that only the first one is pretty much taken care of by being back home. The others are all still things to think about, and may just make life a little more interesting – a little more like traveling than simply day-to-day ordinary life.

It’s discovering the new and unexpected, talking to different people, hearing different experiences, seeing things from a different perspective that makes traveling so interesting to me. What if I kept that up while at home? What would I need to do?

My neighborhood, the Hawthorne District is certainly eclectic and perfect for this kind of living. But mostly, I think it means having a curiosity and sense of adventure while getting out from behind my desk, off the phone and out in the world. Even when it’s raining.

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