Planning + Routine VS. Freedom

A few years ago my life was much more complicated – three businesses, volunteer work, a large four-legged family, a husband, big house and yard, you get the idea. But through circumstances and choice I’ve downsized significantly. My life is much simpler and filled with far fewer responsibilities. There is not such a pressing need for rigid scheduling to fit everything in.

Plus, earlier this year, I instituted the What Would I Love To Do Today plan. I found that I was accomplishing what I wanted to do and more, in a way that created a great sense of freedom.

Yet somehow, this summer, the simple act of asking myself that question each morning has gradually faded away. With no other routines or plans (except the most vague) in place, I find myself wondering at the end of a planned but schedule-free office day just what had I accomplished and how did my desk get so messy doing what seems like nothing?

The worst part about it is that I feel guilty and don’t enjoy the time because I feel like I should be doing something more productive. It’s insidious how these little patterns and habits can slip into your life before you even realize it.

With all that in mind, I’m looking to bring some planning and routine back into my life. I’ll start by asking myself the question I learned from Michael Neill :

“What would I love to do this year?”
“What would I love to do this month?”
“What would I love to do today?”

I expect I’ll find that Planning + Routine = Freedom.

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