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Yay! We’re going to be coaching together, and using all sorts of fun stuff like NLP and hypnosis to transform your stuck places.

Next steps

Read the agreement.

Here’s a copy of my standard coaching agreement. Please take a look at it before our first session.

Make your initial investment.

Unbelievable Ease:

18 sessions over 6 months
6 payments of $480


18 sessions over 9 months
9 payments of $320


18 sessions over 12 months
12 payments of $240


Spa Time for your Mind:

1 session plus a personalized recording
1 payment of $217

Schedule your sessions.

If we haven’t already sorted the schedule, you can do that here using my Timebridge online scheduler.

Join the list.

Please join the clients only list by filling out the form below:

If you have any questions, get a hold of me right away.

Looking forward to working with you!