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Welcome to our super-secret page Declutter Happy Hour page.

It’s especially for you, our subscribers and clients. We created this page so we could offer you a special price on Declutter Happy Hour and early access to the limited Premium Packages. Please don’t share this link with anyone else. Now, back to what you came for:

Do you have stuff you want to do,
but can’t seem to get to it because of clutter?

Clutter is an obstacle to happiness. It takes up space both in your home and office, and also in your mind. Being surrounded by disorganization and too much stuff drains your energy and leaves you feeling overwhelmed and incompetent.

You’ve tried different organizing systems, forcing yourself to just do it, even stashing the clutter so you don’t have to look at it. But somehow even if you get some of the clutter handled, it manages to creep back in until there you are, mired in the middle of it again.

A different approach, Declutter Happy Hour

The problem with those other strategies you’ve tried is they don’t take into account the emotional side of clutter. The issues that create the clutter in the first place and make it hard to get rid of. We won’t be digging deep into your past to find out why clutter has been an issue for you, but on each call we’ll use some fun, inspiring and relaxing techniques to help you clear some of this emotional clutter so you are free to take care of your physical clutter. Then you can have the clear, clutter-free life you’ve always wanted.

This class helped me deal with clutter on the three fronts I needed it most: 1) the practical, how-to side of things, 2) the emotional/overwhelm/dear god I’ll never be perfect! side of things, and 3) actually carving out some chunks of time to DO the work.

I felt supported throughout the process, and best of all, I never felt like I was in it alone. I always felt like additional help or ideas were just a phone call or email away.

Also? You have no idea what you can accomplish in just 20 or 30 minutes until you take this class. You will be astonished. I say this as someone who started out skeptical and is now a total fangirl for this class. I will be signing up again. Oh yes.

Marissa Bracke, Ossian, IN

What the Declutter Happy Hour four-week series gets you:

  • Time and inspiration to work on the stuff that’s been bugging you. No more “I’ll get to it later” excuses.
  • A fun environment that supports you, as you check things off your to-do list. You don’t have to struggle alone. In fact, you don’t have to struggle at all.
  • Lasting tools to help you maintain your decluttered space and continue to declutter other spaces on your own, long after the class is over.
  • Decluttered physical space and mind so you can do the things you really love.
Working with Janine was life changing! Her advice about what should be kept, thrown away, or donated was so clear. At the end of our sessions I was shocked at how much we had gotten done and I could actually envision everything being organized….for once it wasn’t totally overwhelming, but do-able. Her approach is simple and we accomplished so much in the time that we worked together.

Andrea Robertson, O’Fallon, Missouri

We’re here to help!

Hi, we’re Janine Adams and Shannon Wilkinson, and we’re teaming up to bring you this unique and fun way to help you declutter your life and keep it that way.

A few words from Janine: I love witnessing the freedom people experience when they rid their lives of clutter and get organized. I’m a Certified Professional Organizer® and owner of Peace of Mind Organizing.

And from Shannon: I love helping people discover and develop their unique thing. I’m a certified coach, hypnotherapist, trainer and master practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.

Declutter Happy Hour was extremely helpful. The dynamic duo of Janine Adams, with her practical advice, and Shannon Wilkinson, who delves into the emotional issues of clutter, and the 30 minute decluttering sessions were fantastic. Thanks for your help.

Cathy Barash, Des Moines, IA

What happens at Declutter Happy Hour?

During the classes, you’ll get an energizing combination of practical tips and suggestions PLUS inspriring and relaxing techniques to deal with the emotional side of clutter.

But we’re not going to just share the theory and techniques and have you go it alone. There will be time on each call for you to work on real clutter in your space. You choose the space, from a long neglected closet to piles in the office to chaotic computer files. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ll be guiding you through a process to help you decide. Then, when you go off to declutter, we’ll stay on the line, ready to answer questions and provide support as you put your new tools into action.

After your declutter time, everyone will call back in, we’ll answer questions and help you decide on the small steps you can take until our next call. In between calls, send us your questions via email or Twitter DMs, and we’ll answer them on the next call.

Still aren’t sure?

Are you concerned that you have too much clutter, or that you’re issues aren’t right for this course? Take a look at these before and after pictures taken by past participants (and the two of us). You might be surprised just how much you can accomplish in 15 or 30 minute decluttering sessions.


Four Thursdays in a row, starting May 7, 2009 (5/7, 5/14, 5/21, 5/28) at noon Pacific, 3:00pm Eastern. Click here to find out what time that is where you live. The first class will be two hours, the other three classes will be about 90 minutes. Each week you’ll have about 30 minutes of time for actual decluttering during the call.


The class:

  • More than six hours of class time
  • Worksheets to help you work through the process, on the calls and afterwards on your own
  • Recordings of the calls so you can give yourself a declutter happy hour any time you need one
  • An opportunity to get your decluttering questions answered
  • Price: $149 $129 – special VIP price

The premium package:

  • All the benefits of the class, PLUS
  • Work through even more stuff, with a one-hour private session with Janine and a one-hour private session with Shannon
  • Price: $149 + $149 = $298 $149 + $129 = $278 There are only 10 premium add-ons available at this special $149 rate. That’s an hour one-on-one with each of us for almost half the normal cost!


Please ask! janine at peaceofmindorganizing dot com or shannon at shannonwilkinson dot com