More Please!


Welcome Declutter Happy Hour Participants

We’re so glad you participated in Declutter Happy Hour and hope you enjoyed the class as much as we enjoyed having you in it. If you’d like to continue the support and motivation you got from Declutter Happy Hour, learn more tips and strategies to create and maintain a clutter-free space, enjoy more of the magical freeing and energized feelings from Shannon’s portion of the class, plus have ample opportunity to ask questions, we’d love to have you back for another session!

Something Special

As our special thank you, we’re offering you, our past participants, the chance to take Declutter Happy Hour again for only $79. That’s $70 off the regular price of $149.

The May session will take place at noon Pacific/three o’clock Eastern on four consecutive Thursday afternoons this time: May 7, May 14, May 21, and May 28. And once again, if you can’t make the class live, you can download recordings.

Why Do It Again?

While content will be similar to the first class, it won’t be identical. Both Janine and Shannon are always learning new things that they will share. Plus, each group of participants brings a slightly different flavor and may bring up different issues and spark unique discussions.

What will be the same is the unique combination of emotional and physical decluttering (with dedicated time in each class for you to actually declutter), using the combined expertise of a life coach and a professional organizer.

If you’re having trouble finding time to declutter and want to keep the momentum going, we hope you’ll consider signing up. We’d love to share more Declutter Happy Hours with you!


The class:

  • More than six hours of class time
  • Worksheets to help you work through the process, on the calls and afterwards on your own
  • Recordings of the calls so you can give yourself a declutter happy hour any time you need one
  • An opportunity to get your decluttering questions answered
  • Price: $149 $79 – extra special past participants only price

The premium package:

  • All the benefits of the class, PLUS
  • Work through even more stuff, with a one-hour private session with Janine and a one-hour private session with Shannon
  • Price: $149 + $149 = $298 $149 + $79 = $228 There are only 10 premium add-ons available at this special $149 rate. That’s an hour one-on-one with each of us for almost half the normal cost!


Please ask! janine at peaceofmindorganizing dot com or shannon at shannonwilkinson dot com