I can SEE you!

Big news, I’m now seeing clients in person!

For the last six years I’ve fully embraced the working at a distance mode. Working with clients over the phone and with email allows so much flexibility with scheduling, location, travel, clothing and personal grooming. But a few weeks ago, while I was enjoying dinner with the . . . → keep reading

Listen to this!

Today on Twitter and Facebook I mentioned that my to dos for today include:

1. Finish newsletter. There’s still time to sign up before this issue goes out.

2. Make granola. My favorite is based off of this recipe. But I’ve tweaked it a bit. Way more nuts (whole almonds, walnuts, pecans!), vanilla, cinnamon and . . . → keep reading

A veritable smorgasbord of fun things!

Oh my goodness so much going on here at Chez Where Did Spring Go?

We have climbed mountains. Literally! I finally reached the summit of Mt. Hood. I’ve been trying to blog about it, but it was just such an amazing experience, it’s hard to put it into words. So here are pictures!. At 1,000 . . . → keep reading

Newsletter: The Cost of Clutter

(As promised here’s the main article from my March newsletter.)

When you want to do your thing, or even just spend some time figuring it out, does other stuff get in the way? Sometimes it’s “stuff” (picture big finger quotes) like a crammed schedule, tight finances or family responsibilities. Other times, it’s actual stuff, as . . . → keep reading

First Newsletter Issue!

I just clicked the button to send my first monthly newsletter out into the world. . . . → keep reading