When to Avoid Choices

Think about the things you find difficult. Or that get you feeling sad or angry or otherwise unresourceful and triggered.

What happens feels automatic. You don’t usually have to think about whether or not you’re going to get mad or sad or frustrated. It just happens.

When I’m working with clients, instead of feeling triggered, . . . → keep reading

Nose + Mind = Magic (time sensitive!)


Do you know my friend Heidi? According to her twitter profile, she’s a: Massage therapist – Scent artist – Mood detective – Potion mixer – Writer-down of things. Yep, that’s her. Amazing.

A while back we teamed up to create something really special, a kind of audio and potion alchemy if you will. There was . . . → keep reading

Mission Accomplished


On April 24th I announced that I was starting a one-month blogging challenge, together with my friend and collaborator, Janine Adams.

I did it!

Today marks the end of the month, and what I was really after, four full weeks on my Don’t Break the Chain tally.

Look at that! I’m really satisfied with what . . . → keep reading

A One-Month Blogging Challenge

I spent the last week in St. Louis with my friend and collaborator Janine Adams. The main purpose of the trip was to co-teach the workshop, Create Freedom and Ease with Habits and Routines. Of course we managed to get some shopping, spa time and lots of talking done too!

We spent a fair amount . . . → keep reading

The Challenges Revealed


Last week I shared that I have a birthday coming up in March, and that I wanted to do something leading up to it that was fun, interesting and a challenge. I asked for your help.

That was one of my best ideas ever! You guys came up with some wonderful ideas, here, and . . . → keep reading

Seeking 45-Themed Challenges. Can you help?


Wait a minute, let me clarify that. I’m not looking for 45 different challenges, instead, I’m looking for challenges with a theme of 45.

Why you ask?

As I’ve been making the transition from 2011 to 2012, I can’t help but notice that I have a birthday in the not too distant future. Now, it’s . . . → keep reading

It’s a virtual open house!

I’ve been craving openness and curiosity and playfulness in my life and business. (I say that as if they’re separate things. Ha.)

My old site, as much as I loved it, was hemming me in. From a technical standpoint it was cumbersome to change, and the design, which once felt oh-so-cozy, now seemed cramped. It . . . → keep reading

We have winners! Yay!

Mr. Aardvark, of Aardvark Essentials thank you very much, Heidi Fischbach of Heidi’s Table, and Shannon Wilkinson, that would be me of right here, are

Delighted to announce the people- and potion-winners of our contest!

[*Drum roll please!* Picture Shannon and Heidi, in . . . → keep reading

Why Resolutions Don't Work (and How To Get What You Want Anyway)

Where are you on the New Year’s Resolution Continuum?

(statistics from 2008 survey by Opinion Corporation of Princeton, NJ)

If you fall in that big middle group (or have drifted into the no resolutions group due to disappointment) this could be the year for something different.

Janine Adams and I teamed up again (we . . . → keep reading

Carpal Tunnel Coaching Special

Sorry, this extra-special offer has expired. Learn how we can work together here.

This is going to be quick.

It seems with all the novel writing and the hanging out in the Tuscan Villa that is my email and the finishing up of a new product, Boring Change, I have overtaxed my hands and wrists . . . → keep reading