{Playback} That Looks Suspiciously Like a Slope


Last week I announced that I had started a new blogging challenge with myself.

The first day this week, I didn’t blog.

I found myself wondering if, like last November, I was once again standing on a slope. That was likely slippery.

And then I just went ahead and blogged a day late.

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{Training Log} Begin at the Beginning

The St. Johns Bridge disappears over the Willamette River into the fog

There’s no other way to start, but by simply starting. To meet yourself where you are and go from there. But somehow, I’m making it harder than that. I’m wanting things to be different than they are. As I mentioned in last week’s Training Log, I’m bumping up against a lot of shoulds, or rather . . . → keep reading

Bookmark the Good Stuff

Shannon Wilkinson's favorite bookmark

Your unconscious mind does this all the time.

It’s what is happening when your buttons get pushed, an aroma takes you back to a moment long ago, or a song reminds you of a particular person. At some point, your unconscious mind made a connection and a pathway was created linking two unrelated things.

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Playback: Is Your Self-Care Hurting You?

Post-workout recovery brownie and glass of milk

Recently, a client session turned to that trickiest of tricks, self-care gone awry. You know, those little things you do for yourself that feel good, but only for a moment.

Our conversation reminded me of this piece I wrote some time ago, and I wanted to share it with you. It originally appeared in . . . → keep reading

{Training Log} The Road to Boston

Shannon Wilkinson accepted into Boston Marathon

September 25th was a rather ordinary day for most people. But for me, and 8,000 other marathon runners, it was a day that would determine how we’d be spending the next seven months. It was the day the Boston Athletic Association was sending out final notifications to let registrants know if their qualifying times were . . . → keep reading

Playback: Life is Like a Spin Class

Shannon's Specialized Dolce Road Bike

This was originally posted over six years ago. Last night I returned to spin class for the first time since the great concussion of 2013. While I’m not really starting over, it feels like it in many ways. Re-reading this post reminded me of how far I’ve actually come. Notice there’s not yet any talk . . . → keep reading

In Praise of Praise


Earlier this week I received the most delightful postcard in the mail. It was embellished and customized just for me. It came from one of my adored clients, Pamela Malo.

Receiving this message lit me up! And, it got me thinking, who have I not praised on paper, despite my deep gratitude?

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That other life-changing thing that I probably haven’t told you about – and a chance to do good


Remember when I shared with you how envy brought me to coaching? Part of the reason I could hear what the envy had to tell me was that I was looking for something different. I knew something wasn’t right, but I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I’d known something wasn’t right for awhile. . . . → keep reading

Playback: Taking It Easy Is Not Rest


If you get my monthly rolling invitations* you know that I’ve been recuperating from yet another concussion. Since this is my third annual concussion, and they’re cumulative, it’s worth being very conservative. I’m also still dealing with the symptoms that led to me fainting in the first place. Which all adds up to needing loads . . . → keep reading

Choosing Choice, Creating Options


There are times when you want things to be automatic. When you know a habit or routine supports you, makes things easier. When you don’t want to think, you just want to do the thing.

And then, there’s the other 23 hours of your day.

Especially all the time spent responding automatically, when in fact . . . → keep reading