The Shadow of Accomplishment

Mt. Hood Shadow

I climbed a mountain last Saturday. And I don’t mean metaphorically.

I stood on the summit of Mt. Hood at 11,249 feet. Give or take a few feet.

There’s nothing like getting yourself to the top of a mountain to experience a visceral feeling of grandeur and accomplishment.

And yet.

Not long after I’m off . . . → keep reading

Easing Phantom Energy Draws


Recently I was chatting with Systems Savant Cairene about starting and stopping work and projects and days. I shared with her on of the 28 daily emails that are part of the Declutter Happy Hour e-course, I came across recently, that had been haunting me ever since.

It’s about how big projects, like decluttering, can . . . → keep reading


Janine Adams & Shannon Wilkinson at the Create Freedom and Ease with Habits and Routines Workshop in St. Louis

I love that I can have clients around the world. I love that I can work anywhere with an internet connection. I love that I don’t have to brush my hair or go to an office or commute more than 13 stairs.

But, sometimes, nothing beats seeing people In Real Life.

I make sure I . . . → keep reading

Is it cheating?

It turns out I have rules. This month-long blogging challenge has been bringing them up left and right.

These rules are not only unwritten, but they are also apparently unconscious. I didn’t even know they existed until I violated them!

When considering how I could blog more with ease, many of the ideas I came . . . → keep reading

Building a Bridge (to Monday)


It’s Friday afternoon, and I’m about to wrap up for the week. Well, that’s not exactly true. I will be doing a bit of work over the weekend, but I want my brain to be able to take a break from obsessing thinking about work.

Except, I find that really hard to do.

When I . . . → keep reading

You Can Do It Duffy!


It’s true. One of the phrases I use to motivate myself is from the ’70s ABC Afterschool Special: The Amazing Cosmic Awareness of Duffy Moon.

Today, I wanted to get a project finished, and I said it (and typed it to my Mastermind Superheroes group): “You can do it Duffy!”

It became my mantra while . . . → keep reading

Someone In Your Corner


Each week I have two regularly scheduled calls. One is with my mastermind Superheroes group and the other is with a friend and colleague who was in a different mastermind group with me.

Having these calls each week creates space for me to work through stuck places, to process aloud, to ask for advice, and . . . → keep reading

Automatic Sandwich

It’s my end-of-the-week Feedback Sandwich*. It’s like a pat on the back, wrapped around a wish. Totally magic. Please, join in and make yourself a sandwich in the comments! Building In R&R Time

In my last Sandwich I wanted to incorporate more rest and recovery time into my days. I have been doing that. . . . → keep reading

Welcome to My Fantasy World


I have a recurring fantasy.

It’s not one of those win the lottery, travel slowly around the world and become a benevolent philanthropist fantasies, although that would be nice.

Instead, it’s a fantasy about what our world would be like with one small change.

Just imagine

What if every single person on the planet had . . . → keep reading

Time to clean out the bugs


If you’d like to feel more energetic and capable, I have a kind of wacky experiment for you. Rather than focusing on what you want, which is what I usually talk about, try getting rid of the things that bug you.

Tolerating things is not an olympic sport, even though we act like it is. . . . → keep reading