iPhone Fun



Somehow, I’ve managed to not go on and on yet about my love for my iPhone. I’m not sure how that has happened, because if you meet me in person? I can’t hardly shut up about it.

If you have one you know what I mean, especially if you’re a self-employed, entrepreneur. They . . . → keep reading

The Flip of a Coin


There you have it, my secret decision-making strategy.

Flipping a coin makes everything clear.

Flipping a coin stops the endless back and forth trying to make the perfect decision.

Flipping a coin gives you immediate access to your inner wisdom and deepest desires.

What, what?

Let me say that again. Flipping a coin gives you . . . → keep reading

The Paradox of Affirmations


You know the promise of affirmations.

If you tell yourself often enough that you are lovable, that you live an abundant life, that you are healthy and happy, if you speak as if, you will become that which you are affirming.

I get the concept. And I am sure that they have worked for people.

. . . → keep reading

Faux Self-Care?

photo 1

Today the ideas of self-care and rest have been on my mind.

Each month, I purposefully try not to schedule much on the day after I teach. While I love the monthly Explore & Play calls, they do take a fair amount of energy preparing for them, giving them, editing and preparing the materials for . . . → keep reading

Gentle Untangling Please


I’m still on my little working wellness retreat at the Oregon Coast.

This time is allowing me to get away from my usual distractions and to focus on writing and developing useful and fun ways to support you and of course training.

What comes naturally?

I also wanted to see what my natural rhythms are . . . → keep reading

Mindgames for Ease

I have some more dirt to dish on myself. I think you realize by now, that things are pretty darn active in my noggin. Sometimes there’s a shadow-side to all that thinking, a bit of a worry habit, but mostly, I’ve learned to use my super thinky powers for good.

Playing mindgames with myself.

And . . . → keep reading

About NLP: You have all the resources you need…


It’s time to delve into those NLP Presuppositions a little more deeply.

What happens when you read #3 from the list?

You have all the resources you need to achieve your desired outcomes.

Did you relax a bit, maybe sigh, and think to yourself, “Really? What a relief!” Or did you thing, . . . → keep reading

Moving to enter and exit


I’m getting ready to walk to the library. I’m lucky to live in a neighborhood where I can walk or ride my bike to just about everything I need.

Walk Score: 91 out of 100

It’s not just that I don’t have to spend money on gas or wear and tear on my car, but . . . → keep reading

Advance Planning Sandwich

It’s my end-of-the-week Feedback Sandwich*. It’s like a pat on the back, wrapped around a wish. Totally magic. Please, join in and make yourself a sandwich in the comments! Reviewing the Blog Challenge

As I wrote about last Friday, I hit my goal of posting five days a week for one-month. Today, I want to . . . → keep reading

Forgetting to Remember


“Did you mean to leave your phone charger?” read the text I received as I was nearly to my Mom’s to stay with her for a couple of days while she had surgery to remove a cataract.

“Nope. Didn’t mean to forget my raincoat either.”

Luckily I knew that my Mom would have both items . . . → keep reading