Anticipating the need for rest


And perhaps more importantly, scheduling it.

Sunday’s a big day for me.

It’s the Portland Marathon.

All that training I’ve been talking about? It all pays off on Sunday. And by pays off I mean, I finish the marathon and can walk the next day.

Based on my limited race history, I know that afterward . . . → keep reading

Be Resourceful (an Explore & Play Class)


You’ve been there before, those situations when you feel triggered and have tunnel vision.

We all have.

It seems that the possibilities have narrowed down to fight, flight or dissolve in a puddle of tears. Afterwards you see all the different ways you could have handled it, the different things you could have said or . . . → keep reading

Capacity – Explore, Manage & Expand it (an Explore & Play Class)


We all have the same amount of hours in the day, yet very different levels of energy, tolerance and desire. It’s all too easy to scatter your focus, over-commit and burn out. Especially with everything that’s pulling at you and you have big things you want to accomplish in the world.

During the next Explore . . . → keep reading

Reward Yourself for Good (an Explore & Play Class)


It seems like it should be so easy. You get something done you want to get done and you reward yourself.

But client after client (and me too) so often find it hard to follow-through on the reward, or don’t know what kind of reward would be good, or choose rewards that don’t actually support . . . → keep reading

Melt Your Resistance (an Explore & Play Class)


How often have you wanted to do something, really wanted it, but then find yourself not actually doing it? Sometimes you recognize the resistance and its usual emotion fear, other times, it’s sneaky and masquerades as something else.

Resistance also comes up frequently with things you need to do, but don’t necessarily want to do.

. . . → keep reading

Getting out of a Rut (an Explore & Play Class)


Engaging in all this habit-making of late has me wondering about ruts.

Ruts can be hard to identify, and even harder to get out of and regain your momentum. During the next Explore & Play Class I’ll share with you some ways to identify if you’re in a rut, and ways to get out if . . . → keep reading

Know What You Want? Make it a habit! (an Explore & Play Class)


Much of the time, we think of habits as being problems, things we don’t want to be doing, that we do without really thinking about it. These exact things that make breaking bad habits hard, make getting what you want easy!

On this call, I share with you how to begin to use the . . . → keep reading

Ease Worry (an Explore & Play class)


Worry is a pervasive habit.

It increases stress and anxiety levels, can keep you awake at night and makes it harder to be happy. Yet, it can also give you a feeling of preparing, of being in control. Except in reality that just feeds the cycle and creates more anxiety.

In this class I share . . . → keep reading

Sticky Beliefs (an Explore & Play Class)


“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

Beliefs are incredibly powerful. They a substantial part of the blueprint for how you live your life. But they become problems when you have deep beliefs that aren’t supportive, that you might not even be aware of having.

During the class I . . . → keep reading

Move Beyond Regret (an Explore & Play Class)


If you’ve spent any time lately thinking about the things you wished you would have done, or hadn’t done as the case may be, in 2011, this class is for you.

It doesn’t matter if your regrets are big or small, they can keep you from enjoying yourself and moving forward. During the class . . . → keep reading