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Shannon Wilkinson's favorite bookmarkYour unconscious mind does this all the time.

It’s what is happening when your buttons get pushed, an aroma takes you back to a moment long ago, or a song reminds you of a particular person. At some point, your unconscious mind made a connection and a pathway was created linking two unrelated things.

Most of the time, this happens outside of your conscious knowledge. But, it can also be done purposefully, using that amazing skill for your benefit.

For example.

I did something that I’ve been putting off for about a month. It wasn’t a particularly complicated thing, checking into a medical bill that I was pretty sure was billed to me twice, once by the doctor and once by the company providing the service. I knew that it was going to require a couple of calls, and possibly a third, and most likely a heavy dose of being assertive and insistent and repeating the same information over and over and over again. And, I was dreading it.

Clearly my unconscious mind had bookmarked this kind of thing as quite unpleasant.

As happens with these things, the scales tipped today, when the pain of not doing it surpassed the expected pain of doing it. Knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy, I set myself up for success as best I could:

  • I gathered all the information I would need.
  • Prepared a big mug of hot honey lemon ginger tea.
  • Planned to do it during a virtual co-working party with Cairene.

When the time came, I made the first call. It was both more complicated and oddly not as bad as I expected. Then I made the second call. The first person I spoke with couldn’t help me, and transferred me to someone she said could. Of course, that always seems like taking an unexpected left turn smack into customer service hell.

Pleasantly surprised.

The second woman ended up being very friendly and helpful. She explained the situation, listened to my concerns and then told me how we could take care of them.

It turns out, by making these calls, I just might get a benefit ten times greater than what I thought it was going to cost.

And that’s what I want to bookmark.

How awesome would it be to remember that sometimes things that seem daunting, sometimes have pleasantly surprising outcomes?

That they’re usually much less difficult than you think they’re going to be.

Or at least, it feels so good having them done and over.

So I took a moment to feel how great it felt to have an unexpectedly positive outcome, talk with helpful people, have the dreaded task out of the way. And I bookmarked that feeling, connecting it to the desire to put off a potentially difficult task, consciously creating that pathway, so next time, it might just be a little bit easier.

Photo: My favorite bookmark, given to me by a friend and colleague during our NLP Trainer’s Training.


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